The Circle as Sanctuary

The Circle as Sanctuary © 2018 William A. Bledsoe, Ph.D. More than anything else, being able to feel safe with other people defines mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful [...]


The Ancient Wisdom of Restorative Way

© 2018 William A. Bledsoe, Ph.D. I believe that to really understand how and why a restorative approach to misconduct works, we have to go back to its origins. If we don’t, we will continue to [...]


The 7 Principles of Restorative Communication

THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF RESTORATIVE COMMUNICATION – THE 7 R’s ™ A principle is a basic truth, ideal, or tenet that we rely on to guide our behavior. Most often, principles are based on a [...]


When Restoration Fails…or Does It?

One of the goals of an advanced restorative approach to misconduct is to identify underlying reasons or issues that may be compelling a student to act in a destructive or harmful way. If you can [...]


Trauma Responsive Schools: Catching Kids Before They Fall

Every time there’s a school or workplace shooting I lament “why didn’t we see this coming?” The warning signs must’ve been there. Why didn’t someone see those signs and intervene long before the [...]