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Wednesday, March 13th 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Third Street Center, Carbondale CO

Is your child coming home with stories of bullying? Does your teen seem unreachable?
Are you exhausted by sibling bickering? Is conflict impacting family harmony?

Dr. Bledsoe has helped us view these challenges through a Restorative lens in a series of three MOUNTAIN PARENT MAGAZINE Feature articles. Because of widespread positive feedback from our readers, we are proud to sponsor a 2 hour presentation on the Restorative Way through family conflict. $25 per person; $35 per couple. Space is limited so best to register soon!

Restorative Way Communication™ Training for K-12 Schools

Our school-based training in restorative practices is based on the most current research in neuroscience and brain development. We offer one-day, two-day and 4 hour mini-trainings for teachers, staff, parents and students in the craft of restorative interaction.

  • Teachers: how to utilize the restorative process in lesson plans, classroom activities and exercises. How to resolve conflict in the classroom.
  • Staff: how to use restorative language and processes to address parent-teacher conflict and resolve teacher-teacher conflict.
  • Principles: how to use restorative decision-making processes in staff meetings. How to develop positive behavioral expectations policies. How to build a whole-school restorative culture. How to address bullying using restorative accountability.

Our two-day training includes Restorative Way Trauma-Responsive Communication™. We’ll teach you how to spot the symptoms of unresolved trauma and respond “in-the-moment” to disarm anxiety and post-traumatic stress in students and colleagues.

Restorative Way Trauma Responsive Communication Training™

It’s not enough for professionals to be trauma-aware. We need to know how to interact with people experiencing trauma in-the-moment to regulate their limbic system, and create an immediate space of safety and trust.

We’ve trained teachers, parents, enforcement and corrections officers, emergency responders, victim advocates, therapists, and business managers in the advanced skills of trauma-responsive communication. This is a highly technical training in the art and science of trauma-responsive restorative interaction.

Restorative Way Communication & Conflict Resolution Training for Family Business

For families who own and operate businesses, the stakes of conflict are much higher. Successful and long-standing businesses can fall apart simply because family members can’t get along with each other. When the conflict becomes toxic, the wealth of the business can become the battleground and a legacy can be left in ruins.

We train family business members in the skillful art of restorative communication and conflict resolution. Our two-day training is a hands-on workshop that equips family members and executives with skills to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity conflict offers for greater connection, understanding, relationship restoration, and collaboration.

Restorative Way Communication Training for Workplaces

Toxic and entrenched conflict creates a psychologically and emotionally unsafe climate. Restorative Way Communication & Conflict Resolution equips executives, managers and employees with the skills and practices to turn conflict into greater collaboration and connection. Like all of our trainings, our Workplace-specific workshops is based on the latest research of how conflict, language and empathic-listening impacts the brain.

We’ve found that when restorative principles and practices are implemented in the workplace, there is a remarkable increase in morale, productivity and job satisfaction.

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“Our school was experiencing a lot of personal conflict between students, parents, and colleagues. Teachers were feeling overwhelmed and parents were angry and frustrated. Then we found Dr. Bledsoe. He took what was best about us as a community and accentuated it. He showed us the “Waldorf Restorative Way”… and its working!”

— Anne Menconi, Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork


Restorative Way LLC was created in 2001 by William A. Bledsoe, Ph.D. to advance the art and science of restorative communication. Since then, Restorative Way has trained thousands of people in schools, families, workplaces, justice systems and correctional facilities in the skills of restorative communication. Restorative Way Communication™ is based on the very latest research in the neuroscience of communication. This research confirms that listening, speaking and interacting in a restorative way helps conflicted individuals and groups move through difficult, emotionally-charged and often traumatic situations with clarity, purpose, dignity, and empathy.

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